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What Kind Of Information Systems Do Organizations Actually Use

What Kind Of Information Systems Do Organizations Actually Use

Organizations have actually been known to make use of several types of information systems because they will want to suit their needs properly. The many different types of information systems that the organization would use will indeed be classified into many different categories. I have listed them down below:

  • Office automation
  • Transaction processing
  • Executive information
  • Decision support
  • Business expert


Apart from all of these broad classifications of information systems, the organizations have been known to use very specific information systems for some very special tasks just like executive information systems. The customer relationship management systems will indeed have the supply chain management systems. The systems have also been known to fall under the same above classifications.

Office automation: This kind of information system has been known to aid the automating office tasks. They also have a limited role in the decision making process and are also more useful for the operation-level people. The information which comes out of this kind of systems can indeed be used for the rule-based decisions at the operation level. The systems actually play a very important role when it comes to automation many features in an office and will then help in creating paperless way of dealing with stuff in the office. The systems also help in increasing the productivity of everyone in the office. More and more modern businesses are indeed opting for the paperless environment because that is indeed a great way to deal with things and it is also a great to go green. Many businesses have started choosing this because it is great for the environment, indeed. Some advantages of this would be that office work will get way faster if everything is electronic and if it is process driven. All of the basic level data is actually digitized and also appropriately stored for some future action.

Transaction processing: This kind of system is indeed critical to make sure that there is proper and smooth functioning of things in the organization. The main objective of this kind of a system would be to capture all kinds of transactions which are related to the data which is in between the organization and also, its external and internal customers. Typically, if you think about it, the transaction level data is indeed stored in a pre-formatted manner. The system has been known to help in the summarizing and the aggregating of the data, which creates the management reports.


Decision support systems: They mainly help the senior management, and they make sure that they take proper and strategic decisions. Contrary to other systems, the decisions are made with lot of intricate care.